Philippe Vaucher wrote:
> >> I have had patches and contributions rejected in the past, sometimes
> >> rudely. Same has happened to many others, if you contribute long
> >> enough, it is pretty much guaranteed that it will happen to you.
> >> Maintainer is wrong, or you are wrong, or someone is just having a bad
> >> day.
> >
> > This is not about a couple of patches I worked in a weekend being
> > rejected. This is about the work I've been doing since the past two
> > years almost like a full-time job dropped to the floor with no
> > explanation at all. I started with the expectation that they were going
> > to move to the core, because Junio said so, then he changed his mind and
> > didn't want to explain his reasoning.
> >
> > It's not just a bad day.
> Here are two posts where Junio and Michael Haggerty explain the
> reasoning to you:
> -
> -
> Basically, in your case it boils down to your social manners.

You are not paying attention at all.

Junio did *not* use my social manners as a reason to block the
graduation, nor the quality of the code, he used a *TECHNICAL* reason.

Prior to his decision there were no complaints about my "manners" since
I returned. It was his *TECHNICAL* decision that triggered this.

Junio never explained his *TECHNICAL* reason, and Michael Haggerty
simply said "there are good technical arguments for and against
moving git-remote-hg out of contrib", that was all his explanation for
the *TECHNICAL* reason.

You, and other people, are using the behavior I displayed *AFTER* Junio
made his *TECHNICAL* decision as the cause for his decision not to
graduate. That's a wrong direction fallacy.

Felipe Contreras
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