Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

> ...
> Which will generate the integration instructions for you:
>   % git reintegrate --cat
>   base master
>   merge jl/submodule-mv
>     Moving a regular file in a repository with a .gitmodules file was
>     producing a warning 'Could not find section in .gitmodules where
>     path=<filename>'.
>   merge ap/remote-hg-unquote-cquote
> It also has support for "evil merges", so it should be perfectly
> usable for git.git maintenance.

Yeah, it sounds like it is almost there.

I think the infrastructure to maintain "What's cooking" could be
updated to use these comments after "merge" instructions if I wanted

I build two branches on top of 'master', one is called 'jch' and has
a marker line somewhere that says '### match next' that is turned
into an empty commit, and 'pu' that is built on top of the tip of
'jch'.  The marker line is used to apply only an earlier part of the
instruction stream to build 'jch' on top of 'master' on top of
'next' (i.e. "base master" in the above example will not be applied
to hard-reset 'next' to match master) and stop there, and is meant
to be a way to sanity check 'next' (which is made by repeated
incremental merges on top of 'master' without rewinding) by
comparing the "### match next" commit between 'master' and 'jch'
(which is made afresh from 'master' by taking only the necessary
topics).  They must match or I caught a possible mismerge on 'next'.

I presume that the workflow can be mimicked by having another branch
'match-next' and building it on top of 'master', and then building
'jch' on top of it, and then building 'pu' on top of it.  Then you
should be able to play 'match-next' instruction on top of 'next'
(provided that there is a way to tell it to replay on HEAD and
ignore "base" and have "merge" instruction become a no-op when the
branch has already been merged).

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