Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

> Or have an option to specify a dynamic instruction sheet, so you can cat
> the instructions of 'match-next' and replace the base. However, I don't
> see the point of re-applying the branches for 'next' if you already know
> that 'next' and 'match-next' are the same.

The output from Reintegrate script (in 'todo') only lists the names
of topic branches (or something like "xx/topic~4" when the topic is
not fully merged yet), and a topic branch may acquire a follow-up
change (or two) on top (there is a machinery to see if xx/topic~4
is still valid in such a case and update the offset as needed).

Rebuilding 'jch' on top of 'master' with the same insn sheet will
then merge the updated topic branch in its entirety, and the new
commits on the topic branch somehow needs to go to 'next' for the
"match next" on 'jch' and 'next' to be in sync (in addition, updated
'master' must be merged to 'next', but that goes without saying).

In other words, I already know that 'next' and "match next" are not
the same, that they must become the same, and there needs a way to
make them so.

And that is done by re-running the insn sheet for 'jch' up to the
"match next" mark, merging the topic that are not fully merged to
'next' while ignoring the ones that already are fully in 'next'.
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