Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

>> Let's try this in a different way, as I sense there is a
>> misunderstanding somewhere about your "wish".
>> ...
> No, I already said I do not want the code removed from v2.0, that's why
> I sent patches that simply added a warning, and I specifically said
> those were for 2.0.

Yeah, I think there are mails crossing.  I sent that "different way"
way before I read your "already said" happened.

> So to make it clear, I now request that you do:
>  1) Remove all the code.
>     Since my patches were removed from the list, here's an updated patch
>     that applies on top of 'master'
>     https://github.com/felipec/git/commits/up/remote/remove

I'll do that, but just one thing to make sure---do you want the
helper to exit with status 0?

>  4) Re-add the following release note:
>     * "git push" via transport-helper interface (e.g. remote-hg) has
>       been updated to allow forced ref updates in a way similar to the
>       natively supported transports

I am not sure if this one is consistent with 1), as remote-hg will
no longer be with the release.
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