Martin Erik Werner <> writes:

>>  * Commands that take pathspecs on the command line misbehaved when
>>    the pathspec is given as an absolute pathname (which is a
>>    practice not particularly encouraged) that points at a symbolic
>>    link in the working tree.
>>    (merge later 655ee9e mw/symlinks to maint.)
> In order to include the latest cleanup to this patchset:
> "setup: fix windows path buffer over-stepping"
> this should be 6127ff6 instead. Sorry if it's unneeded to note, but just
> wanted to make sure :)

Yeah, that commit is more like "fix to a not-quite-right fix" rather
than "cleanup", and is indeed sitting at the tip of mw/symlinks
topic I still hold onto, so that it can be later merged to 'maint'.
And I agree that it is necessary to merge to 6127ff6 when the topic
is merged to 'maint'.

The entries in the release notes are fed to the "ML" (stands for
"Merge Later") script found on my 'todo' branch from its standard
input to remind me of bugfix topics that need to go to 'maint', and
the process should have caught it (i.e. the topic has grown and its
tip no longer points at the named commit since the entry was
written), but somehow I missed it.

Will fix it up.  Thanks for noticing.

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