On 2014-05-20 20:24, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Fixes since v1.9 series
> -----------------------
> Unless otherwise noted, all the fixes since v1.9 in the maintenance
> track are contained in this release (see the maintenance releases'
> notes for details).
>  * The shell prompt script (in contrib/), when using the PROMPT_COMMAND
>    interface, used an unsafe construct when showing the branch name in
>    $PS1.
>    (merge 8976500 rh/prompt-pcmode-avoid-eval-on-refname later to maint).

That commit has been merged to maint and is in v1.9.3.

Also, 1e4119c (git-prompt.sh: don't assume the shell expands the value
of PS1) is a fix that is in v2.0.0-rc4 but not v1.9.x.  Maybe add
something like:

 * The shell prompt script (in contrib/), when using Zsh and the
   precmd() interface, printed ${__git_ps1_branch_name} in the prompt
   instead of the branch name (regression in v1.9.3).
   (merge 1e4119c rh/prompt-pcmode-avoid-eval-on-refname later to

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