>> Add GIT_DIR to the list of excludes in setup_standard_excludes(),
>> while checking that GIT_DIR is not just '.git', in which case it
>> would be ignored by default, and that GIT_DIR is inside GIT_WORK_TREE
> gives git-grep.txt and git-ls-files.txt. I don't know if we need to
> add something about this extra exclude rule to those .txt. If it's so
> obvious that this should be the expected behavior, then probably not.

    I suggest this. There appears to be a notion of "standard
excludes" both in the code (dir.c) and in the man pages (git-grep,
git-ls-files). However, it doesn't actually appear to be defined
strictly speaking. So my suggestion is to define those "standard
excludes" in one place (say "gitignore(5)"), and make other man pages
(git-config, git-grip, git-ls-files) have references to that place
instead of explaining every time in detail what is being excluded.
Now, gitignore(5) actually does have this list of ignored items, we
only need to call it "standard excludes".
    If done this way, then all that needs to be done regarding GIT_DIR
is to insert it into that list in gitignore(5). Please let me know if
that'd work

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