W dniu 2014-05-27 19:16, Pasha Bolokhov pisze:
Add GIT_DIR to the list of excludes in setup_standard_excludes(),
while checking that GIT_DIR is not just '.git', in which case it
would be ignored by default, and that GIT_DIR is inside GIT_WORK_TREE

gives git-grep.txt and git-ls-files.txt. I don't know if we need to
add something about this extra exclude rule to those .txt. If it's so
obvious that this should be the expected behavior, then probably not.

     I suggest this. There appears to be a notion of "standard
excludes" both in the code (dir.c) and in the man pages (git-grep,
git-ls-files). However, it doesn't actually appear to be defined
strictly speaking. So my suggestion is to define those "standard
excludes" in one place (say "gitignore(5)"), and make other man pages
(git-config, git-grip, git-ls-files) have references to that place
instead of explaining every time in detail what is being excluded.

Or define those "standard excludes" in standard-excludes.txt "partial",
and include said file from git-grep(1), git-ls-files(1), and perhaps gitignore(5).

Jakub Narębski

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