I'm having some problems with the `git log` command.

Happens in multiple versions, tested on 1.8.* and 2.*

The problem happens when I try to get a pretty log for a commit with a
wrong date.

Executing the command:
`git log --encoding=UTF-8 --date=raw --pretty=format:'%H,%P,%ad,%cd,%an,%s'`

I get an empty response on the date field, but since pretty has `%ad`
it should follow the --date and return the date even if wrong.

The problem happens in this repo:
`https://github.com/SamWM/jQuery-Plugins` on commit

I posted it on SO too:

I think it is a bug probably on pretty since other raw formats show
the date as it should.

I tried to check the source code but have no idea where to start,
maybe if you point me on some direction I can take a look for my self.

Can you help?

Kind regards,
Rodrigo Fernandes
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