On do, 2014-05-29 at 11:29 +0100, Rodrigo Fernandes wrote:
> The problem happens when I try to get a pretty log for a commit with a
> wrong date.

The commit is:

$ git cat-file commit e9dddaf24c9de45d9b4efdf38eff7c30eb200f48
tree d63aeb159635cb231e191505a95a129a3b4a7b38
parent 9276202f1c0dcc360433df222c90f7874558f072
author SamWM <s...@webmonkeysolutions.com> 1288370243 --700
committer SamWM <s...@webmonkeysolutions.com> 1288370243 --700

Update version number, make text formatting and indentation consistent
with the rest of the code

Those dates are indeed wrong, I'm not surprised git refuses to parse

Dennis Kaarsemaker

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