Marc Branchaud <> writes:

[jc: omitted good suggestions I'll use in amending]

>> +  the refspecs to be used to fetch.  The example above will fetch
> /to be used//

I have a problem with that change, actually, because you do not
"fetch" refspec from anywhere.  A refspec is what is used to
determine what histories to fetch (i.e. left-hand side of it before
the colon) and which local refs to update with what is fetched
(i.e. right-hand side of it after the colon), and this description
of the traditional behaviour is meant to highlight the difference
from the second usage, which is relatively new since f2690487
(fetch: opportunistically update tracking refs, 2013-05-11),
i.e. how the variable is *not* used as a refspec when the command
line already has one.


    ... `remote.<repository>.fetch` values are used as the refspecs,
    i.e. they specify what refs to fetch and what local refs to

or something?

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