Am 05.06.2014 10:05, schrieb Stepan Kasal:
> mingw.c defines several wrapper functionsi, like mingw_unlink().
> These wrappers are deployed by macros like this:
>       #define unlink mingw_unlink
> The function itself is preceded by #undef, leaving the wrapper out
> of the game for the rest of mingw.c.

In the current msysgit HEAD, most of these #undef's can simply be removed or 
have already been removed (e.g. there's no '#undef mingw_unlink'). The reason 
is that the mingw_unlink implementation calls the unicode version _wunlink, so 
there's no name clash here.

If you apply this patch in msysgit, you'll most likely get compile errors due 
to redefining macros.

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