I've never contributed to the Git project before. I'm a Windows user,
so I use msysgit, but I'd be happy to install linux just so I can help
implement this feature if everyone feels it would be useful.

Right now AFAIK, there is no way to prune tags through Git. The way I
currently do it is like so:

$ git tag -l | xargs git tag -d
$ git fetch --all

This is not only wasteful, but dangerous. I might accidentally delete
a local tag I haven't pushed yet. What would be great is if we had the

git tag prune [<remote>|--all]

The <remote> is needed in decentralized workflows (upstream vs
origin). I'd also like to see an `--all` option in place of the
remote, which means it will prune local tags from all remotes. I'm not
sure if this command line structure will work, but it can be altered
as necessary.

Alternatively, this might also make sense on the remote command:

git remote prune <remote> --tags

Again I'm not an expert at the internals of Git, so I wanted to share
my idea with the community first to see if this holds water or if
there is already some built in way of doing this. Thanks for hearing
out my idea!
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