Robert Dailey <> writes:

> ... Having git clean up tags
> automatically would really help with this, even though you may not
> feel it's the responsibility of Git. It's more of a usability issue,

I agree with "Having ... help with this".  I did not say at all that
it is not something Git should and can try to help.  I also agree
with it is a usability issue.

The thing is, the word "automatically" in your "clean up tags
automatically" is still too loose a definition of what we want, and
we cannot come up with a way to help users without tightening that
looseness.  As you said, you are looking for something that can tell
between two kinds of tags that locally exist without having a copy
at the 'origin':

 - ones that you do not want to keep
 - others that you haven't pushed to (or forgot to push to) 'origin'

without giving the users a way to help Git to tell these two kinds
apart and only remove the former.


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