David Turner <dtur...@twopensource.com> writes:

> Since Junio has picked up the first patch from previous versions of
> this series, I'm just going to send the second (SSE) one.  I decided
> not to s/NO_SSE42/!HAVE_SSE42/ because it looks like git mostly uses
> the former convention (for instance, that's what GIT_PARSE_WITH
> generates).

Yeah but NO_FROTZ is used only when FROTZ is something everybody is
expected to have (e.g. it's in posix, people ought to have it, but
we do support those who don't), isn't it?  For a very arch specific
stuff like sse42, I'd feel better to make it purely opt-in by
forcing people to explicitly say HAVE_SSE42 to enable it.
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