From: "Torsten Bögershausen" <>
On 2014-06-13 03.18, David Turner wrote:

It is too old for my patch because it doesn't support ifunc (and I
suspect that no version of GCC for Windows supports ifunc).  But that
does not seem to be what is going on in your error message.  Instead,
when we #include <cpuid.h>, we get compat/cpuid.h rather than the
system's cpuid.h. When I rename compat/cpuid.h to something else
compat/git_cpuid.h ?

I'm testing on a Windows 8 VM from with msysgit's
"netinstaller" -- is that a reasonable test environment?

Many people are using Windows 7,
and we shouldn't break for things for Windows XP.

I'd like that.
sent from my XP netbook;-)

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