Hi All

When I was tagging, I think I might have discovered a git client bug.

- Clone a repo into 2 separate directories. Presume there is a tag
"v0.1" already in there and it is set on say 10 commits ago.

- In first directory change the tag to a different place and push it
to the server:
git tag -d v0.1
git tag v0.1
git push --tags origin master

- In second directory try to update the tag...
git pull --all --tags
git fetch -all --tags
THIS DOES NOT WORK, tag is still at old place, but it says "Already up-to-date".

- I noticed when I use:
git fetch --tags
it works fine and updates the position of the tag, or if I remove tag
from local git manually (rm .git/refs/tags/v0.1) and update again.

Is it a bug or I am doing something wrong? I use git version

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