On Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 11:36:44AM -0500, Caleb Thompson wrote:

> > Or did you just mean that the new rule is "every test sets the editor as
> > they need", which means that we do not have to worry anymore about
> > polluting the environment for other tests?
> That's exactly what I meant. We can stop relying on the global state *as
> it is initially set* and instead move the setup into the tests which
> rely on it.

Ah, OK, it was just me mis-reading, then.

The rewording you included below is clearer to me. Thanks.

> > [1] It might make sense for test_set_editor, when run from within a
> >     test, to behave more like test_config, and do:
> >
> >       test_when_finished '
> >         sane_unset FAKE_EDITOR &&
> >         sane_unset EDITOR
> >       '
> It might, but it's a little out of scope in addition to your concern
> about other test scripts.

Yeah, I agree it does not need to block this series.

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