Torsten Bögershausen <> writes:

tb@Linux:~/EOL_Test/TestAutoCrlf$ t=LF.txt  &&  rm -f $t &&  git -c 
core.eol=CRLF checkout $t  && od -c  $t
0000000   L   i   n   e       1  \n   l   i   n   e       (   2   )  \n
0000020   l   i   n   e       3   .  \n   t   h   i   s       i   s    
0000040   l   i   n   e       4  \n   l       i       n       e       N
0000060   o   .       5  \n   L   i   n   e       N   u   m   b   e   r
0000100       6  \n  \n

In Documentation/config.txt, we find:

            Sets the line ending type to use in the working directory for
            files that have the `text` property set.  Alternatives are ...

Does that file $t in your practice "have the `text` property set"?
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