Torsten Bögershausen <> writes:

> No, it hadn't, under my Linux box.
> (And I had a .gittatributes file on the Mac OS box, which I forgot about.

OK, that explains the difference; thanks for double-checking.

> Files with mixed LF CRLF in the repo are not changed by Git, when the 
> checkout out
> or checked in, unless the .gitattributes say that the file is text.

Hmph, I would have thought, after reading the "Does anybody do that
crazy stuff" comment in convert.c, that we refrain from attempting
to convert a file with a mixed mess, even if the file is marked as
text, because it is unclear what it means to have both LF and CRLF
in a file that is text.  Is "A\rB\nC\r\n" a line terminated with a
CRLF that happens to have a lone CR and then LF in between?

You may be looking at a bug in a corner case that is so irrelevant
that nobody has even noticed, let alone attempted to fix.
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