On 06/23/2014 05:36 AM, Torsten Bögershausen wrote:
> If we look at the definition below:
> struct string_list {
>       struct string_list_item *items;
>       unsigned int nr, alloc;
>       unsigned int strdup_strings:1;
>       compare_strings_fn cmp; /* NULL uses strcmp() */
> I think a simple memset() will be easier to read,
> and it will be more future proof:
> In case elements are added, the will have 0 or NULL automatically:

Yes, you are right. After sending the patch I saw that for string_list
initialization the codebase either uses xcalloc or memset and after that
marks the list as DUP or NODUP.

> void string_list_init_nodup(struct string_list *list)
> {
>       memset (list, 0, sizeof(*list));
> }
> (But then I wonder if we need the function at all ?)
> Or does it make sense to have a common function similar to this,
> which covers both cases:
> void string_list_init(struct string_list *list, int strdup_strings)
> {
>       memset (list, 0, sizeof(*list));
>       list->strdup_strings = strdup_strings;
> }

A common function would be much better as other API constructs as strbuf
have runtime init functions like the version you have shown above.

Thanks for the review.

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