Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> When the submodule script that uses "git config -f .gitmodules" is
> converted into C, if the updated config API is ready, it may be able
> to do something like these in a single program:
>       const char *url;
>       struct config_set *gm_config;
>         /* read from $GIT_DIR/config */
>         url = git_config_get_string("remote.origin.url");
>         /*
>          * allow us to read from .gitmodules; the parameters are
>          * list of files that make up the configset, perhaps.
>          */
>       gm_config = git_configset_new(".gitmodules", NULL);
>         if (!git_configset_get_bool(gm_config, "submodule.frotz.ignore")) {
>               /* do a lot of stuff for the submodule */
>                 ...
>       }
>         /* when we are done with the configset */
>         git_configset_clear(gm_config);

Isn't that a bit overkill? Why not just let the caller manage a hashmap
directly instead of a config_set? Your code could become

  struct hashmap *gm_config;
  config_cache_read_from_file(".gitmodule", gm_config);
  /* possibly more calls to
     config_cache_read_from_file("some-other-file", ...). */
and then

  if (!git_configset_get_bool(gm_config, "submodule.frotz.ignore")) {

Perhaps a bit more complicated to use, but much simpler to implement.
Since there are very few callers, I'd say it's better to keep the
implementation simple.

Matthieu Moy
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