Matthieu Moy <> writes:

>>> Isn't that a bit overkill? Why not just let the caller manage a hashmap
>>> directly instead of a config_set?
>> Because I had an experience under my belt of a painful refactoring
>> of "the_index" which turned out to be not just a single array, I
>> simply suspect that the final data structure to represent a "set of
>> config-like things" will not be just a single hashmap, hence I do
>> prefer to have one layer of abstraction "struct config_set", which
>> would contain a hashmap and possibly more.
> OK, I guess I overinterpreted what you meant by "struct config_set". If
> it's a thin abstraction layer on top of the hashmap (i.e. essentially
> contain the hashmap, and possibly a few more metadata), then it
> definitely makes sense.

Yup, and I do not strongly mind the initialization sequence of "if
you want to overlay from a file, call *_from_file()" you outlined;
an initialiser that takes a list of file paths to read from was
merely an example and not meant to be the sole interface (it is
overly rigid to be one).
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