Eldon Nelson <eldon_nel...@ieee.org> writes:

> make prefix=/home/eldon/local all doc info
> ...
>     CC zlib.o
>     CC unix-socket.o
>     CC thread-utils.o
>     CC compat/strlcpy.o
>     AR libgit.a
> /bin/sh: gar: command not found
> I think the fix is to allow the use of "ar" if "gar" does not exist.

It is already the case. The Makefile defaults to "ar" and does not even
contain any mention of "gar". The configure script checks for both:

configure.ac:AC_CHECK_TOOLS(AR, [gar ar], :)

My guess is that you ran the configure script on a machine where gar is
present, and then used the result on a machine where it isn't.

Normally, at configure time you should see this:

checking for ar... ar

You actually don't need to run the configure script, the Makefile runs
fine without it. Delete config.mak.autogen to cancel the effect of

Matthieu Moy
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