Is Git supposed to be usable in an environment where the execution character 
set is EBCDIC?

I ask because, in browsing the source code (version 2.0.0), I stumbled across 
three functions 

that won't work as presumably intended in an EBCDIC environment (strihash(), 
memihash(), and 

git_user_agent_sanitized()).  I can report them as bugs, but if EBCDIC is 
considered out of 

scope, then they aren't bugs.

These three functions can be readily fixed to make them portable across 
character sets.  There may be other spots that are harder to fix.

I have done a lot of grepping and Googling, but I haven't found a clear, 
authoritative answer 

to this question.  From searching this mailing list, it appears that nobody is 
interested in 

supporting EBCDIC.  However I found one wiki page describing how to run Git on 
an IBM i, which 

is an EBCDIC-based successor to the AS/400 series.  See:

That installation was reportedly running version, which I believe 
predates the 

introduction of strihash() and memihash(); I don't know about 

Mind you, I'm not advocating for EBCDIC.  I escaped from the EBCDIC world about 
fifteen years 

ago, and have no desire to return.  I just want to know if character set issues 
are worth 

reporting.  The same issues may arise for other, more obscure character sets.

Scott McKellar

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