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> On Wed, Jul 02, 2014 at 07:39:12PM -0700, Scott McKellar wrote:
> > Is Git supposed to be usable in an environment where the 
> execution character set is EBCDIC?
> Not really.

If the core uses specific 8bit values for the internals then there is a hope and

E.g. "blob" would need to be char _BLOB={0x62,0x6c,0x6f,0x62} because the hash
calculation would be wrong if were {0x82,0x93,0x96,0x82} ensuring the compiler
does not change that "binary" data value.

> In addition to the cases you found (and I would be surprised if there
> are not more, such as our reimplementation of ctype.h), we assume:
>   - we can intermingle ASCII from string literals with user 
> data to form
>     diffs, commit objects, network protocols, etc. This is actually a
>     problem not just for EBCDIC, but for any encoding which is not an
>     ASCII-superset (like UTF-16).

And then all output would require code-page aware translation, but fix the above

>   - many outputs from git should be ASCII in order to 
> interoperate with
>     the outside world (object headers, network protocols, etc).
> So I'd be surprised if things worked well in an EBCDIC 
> environment (but
> I have never worked with one, so maybe I do not understand all of the
> implications).

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