On 07/02/2014 09:57 PM, Jens Lehmann wrote:
Am 02.07.2014 16:54, schrieb Torsten Bögershausen:
(Not sure if this is the right thread)
(I haven't checked if this is fixed in your latest version)
Yes, this is the right thread and no, it isn't fixed yet.

On what I have on pu 7a0da7902cbbc9a876b90c9, Tue Jul 1 14:51:53 2014 -0700

Many submodule tests are broken.
One problem is here:

lib-submodule-update.sh:264: possible problem: echo -n is not portable (please use 
printf):                     echo -n >sub1 &&
lib-submodule-update.sh:507: possible problem: echo -n is not portable (please use 
printf):                     echo -n >sub1 &&

You can remove the "empty" "echo -n" to create an empty file:
sub1 &&
Thanks for spotting and diagnosing this. Running "make lint" in the
test directory only feeds the tests to check-non-portable-shell.pl,
but not the *lib*.sh helper scripts, which made me miss this one.

The following diff should fix it for you. Am I understanding you
correctly that you are experiencing other failures too? I see no
other incompatibilities when running ./check-non-portable-shell.pl
on all the shell scripts in the repo.
The longer story is that I run the test suite once a week or so.
Most often under Mac OS, sometimes cygwin or Linux.
Whenever there is a breakage under Mac OS which I can not
debug within some minutes, I run it under Linux to see if there
is the same breakage.

The ./check-non-portable-shell.pl can sometimes give an indication
why some test fail.
You can run it from command line:
 ./check-non-portable-shell.pl *.sh
and it will find the "echo -n" which I reported.
On the longer run it could probably check all *.sh files,
not only the ones under t/
I do not have the time to test the snipped patch below, but I can check pu
when the next round of your patch is in and give you some more info.

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