I'm trying to get the git p4 tests to pass on my machine (OS X
Mavericks) from master before making some changes. I'm experiencing a
test failure in "detect copies" of the rename test.

The test creates file2 with some content, creates a few copies (each
with a commit), then does the following (no git write operations
echo "file2" >>file2 &&
cp file2 file10 &&
git add file2 file10 &&
git commit -a -m "Modify and copy file2 to file10" &&
... (some non-write-operations) ...
cp file2 file11 &&
git add file11 &&
git commit -a -m "Copy file2 to file11" &&
git diff-tree -r -C --find-copies-harder HEAD &&
src=$(git diff-tree -r -C --find-copies-harder HEAD | sed 1d | cut -f2) &&
test "$src" = file10 &&

This is where it fails on my machine. The git diff-tree output is this
:100644 100644 22a35c17c4c0779f75142036beef6ccd58525b9c
22a35c17c4c0779f75142036beef6ccd58525b9c C100 file2 file11
so git diff-tree sees file2 as the copy source, not file10. In my
opinion, the diff-tree result is legitimate (at that point, file2,
file10 and file11 are identical). Later in the tests, after making
more copies of file2, the conditions are more flexible, e.g.
test "$src" = file10 || test "$src" = file11 || test "$src" = file12 &&

IMO, the test discounts the legitimate possibility of diff-tree
detecting file2 as source, making unnecessary assumptions about
implementation details. Is this correct, or do I misunderstand the
workings of diff-tree?

I'd be grateful for advice, both on whether this is a bug, and if so,
which branch to base a patch on.

Best regards
Christoph Bonitz
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