What future does this have? Currently it is marked as
"Stalled", but still mergeable with some trivial conflicts
and seem to be working (except some bugs in interaction with
submodules, see below). It would be very nice if this
feature is officially supported.

I also have a comment about how it interacts with submodules.
Would it be more appropriate to mark "modules" as a
per-checkout directory? Because each of the working tree's
submodule is obviously a separated directory in filesystem,
and in most cases (at least in my practice) they are
checked-out to different revisions.

So, currently (before proper linking of submodules checkouts
implemented), if make submodules per-checkout (actually it
appears to somehow work even with current code, maybe
because some submodule code ignores the common_dir), one
could run "git submodule update" if necessary, and get fully
separated clones, which would work normally.

It still may break if submodules are removed, added or
renamed, but this seems to be inevitable until config is
separated to per-checkout and common parts, which I suppose
is a much bigger task.

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