Tanay Abhra <tanay...@gmail.com> writes:

> +test_expect_success 'find value with misspelled key' '
> +     test_must_fail check "my.fOo Bar.hi" "Value not found for \"my.fOo 
> Bar.hi\""
> +'

Sorry, this is still not right. You're checking that either test-config
OR test_cmp fails. You want to check both.

Basically, you can't use the "check" helper here. Your v5 was right for
this test:

test_expect_success 'find value with misspelled key' '
        echo "Value not found for \"my.fOo Bar.hi\"" >expect &&
        test_must_fail test-config get_value "my.fOo Bar.hi" >actual &&
        test_cmp expect actual

Matthieu Moy
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