Am 10.07.2014 22:05, schrieb Johannes Sixt:
> It looks like I totally missed the topic sk/mingw-unicode-spawn-args.
> Now it's in master, and it breaks lots of test cases for me:
> t0050-filesystem
> t0110-urlmatch-normalization
> t4014-format-patch
> t4041-diff-submodule-option
> t4120-apply-popt
> t4201-shortlog
> t4205-log-pretty-formats
> t4209-log-pickaxe
> t4210-log-i18n
> (I killed the test run here)
> Am I doing something wrong? Does the topic depend on a particular
> version of MSYS (or DLL)?
> -- Hannes

After commenting out fchmod in config.c, I get similar results.

At first glance, t0050 seems to fail because the unicode file
name patches are still missing.

t4041 tries to pass ISO-8859-1 encoded bytes on the command line,
which simply doesn't work on Windows (all OS APIs 'talk' UTF-16).
We have a fix for this in the msysgit fork [1] (but unfortunately
in another branch, so Stepan couldn't know the patch is related).

I suspect the other failures also fall in these two categories.


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