Am 15.07.2014 20:20, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
> Stepan Kasal <> writes:
>> Hello Hannes,
>> attached please find the patches that Karsten pointed out:
>> 1) The unicode file name support was omitted from his unicode patch
>> series; my mistake, sorry.  There is still big part missing: support
>> for unicode environment; I can only hope the tests would choke on
>> that.
>> 2) Windows cannot pass non-UTF parameters (commit messages in this
>> case): original patch by Pat Thoyts was extended to apply to other
>> similar cases: the commit msg is passed through stdin.
>> If there are still problems remaining, please tell us.
>> Thanks,
>>      Stepan
>> Karsten Blees (2):
>>   Win32: Unicode file name support (except dirent)
>>   Win32: Unicode file name support (dirent)
>> Pat Thoyts and Stepan Kasal(1):
>>   tests: do not pass iso8859-1 encoded parameter
> Thanks.  I'll queue these and wait for Windows folks to respond.
> With favourable feedback they can go directly from pu to master, I
> would think.

Looking good. After fixing the ELOOP and fchmod issues (see followup
patches), there are 9 test failures left. Only one of these is
environment related, and for the rest we have fixes in the msysgit

* t0081-line-buffer: 1

Using file descriptor other than 0, 1, 2.

* t0110-urlmatch-normalization: 1

Passing binary data on the command line...would have to teach 
test-urlmatch-normalization.c to read from stdin or file.

* t4036-format-patch-signer-mime: 1

not ok 4 - format with non ASCII signer name
#               GIT_COMMITTER_NAME="はまの ふにおう" \
#               git format-patch -s --stdout -1 >output &&
#               grep Content-Type output

Passing non-ASCII by environment variable, will be fixed by Unicode environment 

* t4201-shortlog: 3

Passing binary data on the command line ('git-commit -m').

* t4210-log-i18n: 2

Passing binary data on the command line ('git log --grep=$latin1_e').

* t7001-mv: 6

cp -P fails in MinGW - perhaps use the long option forms (--no-dereference)?

* t8001-annotate/t8002-blame: 5

Msys.dll thinks '-L/regex/' is an absolute path and expands to 

* t8005-blame-i18n: 4

Passing binary data on the command line ('git-commit --author -m').

* t9902-completion: 2

Must use 'pwd -W' to get Windows-style absolute paths.

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