> Still, git might like to know what ACLs to apply to files at checkout
> time.  That would be a vast new feature, I think, and probably not
> worth it, particularly since that would require dealing with the
> different types of ACLs: NTFS/NFSv4/ZFS on the one hand, POSIX Draft
> on the other, plus AFS and who knows what else -- ETOOMUCH IMO.

To complete that thought...

Inheritable ACLs + chmod should suffice.  The user should setup
inheritable ACLs for the directory where a repo is to be cloned, then
on checkout git should just apply mode changes in such a way as to
leave ACL "shapes" unchanged, only adding or removing bits from
non-DENY ACEs according to the saved file modes.

Inheritable ACEs should be left as-is, since git doesn't track
directory permissions (right?), or if it did, then those should be
edited just like normal ACEs.

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