On Fri, Jul 18, 2014 at 10:08 PM, René Scharfe <l....@web.de> wrote:
>> We could wrap this "get cwd, cd back" pattern as well. So "save_cwd"
>> returns an opaque pointer, "go_back" takes the pointer, (f)chdir back
>> and free the pointer if needed. On platforms that support fchdir, it
>> can be used, else we fall back to chdir. I think there are only four
>> places that follow this pattern, here, setup.c (.git discovery), git.c
>> (restore_env) and unix-socket.c. Enough call sites to make it worth
>> the effort?
> On a cursory look I didn't find any more potential users.  Something
> like this?

I think it looks nice.

> Applying it to setup.c looks difficult to impossible, though.

Yeah, setup.c needs cwd as a string because it does something else to
cwd besides going back. Too bad.
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