Am 18.07.2014 12:49, schrieb Duy Nguyen:
> can be used, else we fall back to chdir. I think there are only four
> places that follow this pattern, here, setup.c (.git discovery), git.c
> (restore_env) and unix-socket.c. Enough call sites to make it worth
> the effort?

real_path(): here we actually don't want to cd / cd back, we just do
this because getcwd reolves symlinks.

setup.c: AFAICT this sets up the work dir and stays there (no cd back).

git.c: Only does a 'preliminary' repo setup so that the alias mechanism
reads the correct config files. Then it reverts the setup if the
resulting git command doesn't need it. Perhaps it would be better (and
faster) to teach the alias code to read the right config file in the
first place?

unix-socket.c: This looks pretty broken. The cd / cd back logic is only
ever used if the socket path is too long. In this case, after cd'ing to
the parent directory of the socket, unix_stream_listen tries to unlink
the *original* socket path, instead of the remaining socket basename in
sockaddr_un.sun_path. I.e. the subsequent bind() will fail on second
invocation of the credential daemon.

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