Duy Nguyen <pclouds <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Just a quick update for the enthusiasts. My branch file-watcher [1]
> has got working per-user inotify support. It's a 20 patch series so
> I'll refrain from spamming git <at> vger for a while, even though it hurts
> your eyes a lot less than what I have posted so far. The test suite
> ran fine with it so it's not that buggy. It has new tests too, even
> though real inotify is not tested in the new tests. Documentation is
> there, either in .txt or comments. Using it is simple:
> $ mkdir ~/.watcher
> $ git file-watcher --detach ~/.watcher
> $ git config --global filewatcher.path $HOME/.watcher

Will this mean that Git would work faster with repositories with large 
number of files or commits? I am new into this topic, but I am trying to 
understand, any pointers are appreciated.

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