Am 22.07.2014 23:44, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
> * sk/mingw-uni-fix-more (2014-07-21) 14 commits
>  - Win32: enable color output in Windows cmd.exe
>  - Win32: patch Windows environment on startup
>  - Win32: keep the environment sorted
>  - Win32: use low-level memory allocation during initialization
>  - Win32: reduce environment array reallocations
>  - Win32: don't copy the environment twice when spawning child processes
>  - Win32: factor out environment block creation
>  - Win32: unify environment function names
>  - Win32: unify environment case-sensitivity
>  - Win32: fix environment memory leaks
>  - Win32: Unicode environment (incoming)
>  - Win32: Unicode environment (outgoing)
>  - Revert "Windows: teach getenv to do a case-sensitive search"
>  - tests: do not pass iso8859-1 encoded parameter
>  Most of these are battle-tested in msysgit and are needed to
>  complete what has been merged to 'master' already.
>  A fix has been squashed into "Unicode environ (outgoing)"; is this
>  now ready to go?
> * sk/mingw-tests-workaround (2014-07-21) 6 commits
>  - t800[12]: work around MSys limitation
>  - t9902: mingw-specific fix for gitfile link files
>  - t4210: skip command-line encoding tests on mingw
>  - MinGW: disable legacy encoding tests
>  - t0110/MinGW: skip tests that pass arbitrary bytes on the command line
>  - MinGW: Skip test redirecting to fd 4
>  (this branch is used by jc/not-mingw-cygwin.)
>  Make tests pass on msysgit by mostly disabling ones that are
>  infeasible on that platform.
>  The t0110 one has been replaced; is this now ready to go?

Yes, I think both series are ready.

Compiles with msysgit and MSVC (with NO_CURL=1).

With the version in pu, three tests fail. t7001 is fixed with a newer 'cp'.
The other two are unrelated (introduced by nd/multiple-work-trees topic).

* t1501-worktree: failed 1
  As of 5bbcb072 "setup.c: support multi-checkout repo setup"
  Using $TRASH_DIRECTORY doesn't work on Windows.
* t2026-prune-linked-checkouts: failed 1
  As of 404a45f1 "prune: strategies for linked checkouts"

* t7001-mv: failed 6
  'cp -P' doesn't work due to outdated cp.exe.

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