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| $ git pull git:// ALL

Would I be right that "ALL" can simply be dropped as something from
back then' (13 Dec 2005 v0.99.9-516-g44db136) that I'm ignorant of?

The answer depends on the reason why you want to drop it from the

That "ALL" is merely a branch name, like "master", etc.

That was the bit I was missing. I had it in my head that it was possibly some historic option as it was in caps.

 I do not
know how jgarzik names his published branches these days, but back
then ALL there was something that contained all the topics he wanted
others to look at.  And the description of <5> explains it to be
fetching a "specific branch", so that needs to be reworded if we are

I eventually went with using a lower case 'dev' as a nominal branch name, and also named it in the updated <5>. However I hadn't actually checked if the repos is still active.

to change the example to "from the default branch of a specific
repository" or something.

| <5> fetch from a specific branch from a specific repository and


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