"Philip Oakley" <philipoak...@iee.org> writes:

>> * po/everyday-doc (2014-01-27) 1 commit
>> - Make 'git help everyday' work
>> This may make the said command to emit something, but the source is
>> not meant to be formatted into a manual pages to begin with, and
>> also its contents are a bit stale.
>> It may be a good first step in
>> the right direction, but needs more work to at least get the
>> mark-up right before public consumption.
>> Will hold.
> It's not clear to me which bits of mark-up are 'wrong' and must be
> reworked,

It's been too long since I wrote the above and I left it without
updates (these comments are by default carried over from one issue
to the next of "What's cooking" report, unless there is some
development on the topic).  Now I read the output (admittedly, I
skimmed only the HTML version), I think the formatting / mark-up is

I at the same time found various command sequences used there are
rather classical and there are better ways to do the same with
modern tools, which still makes me feel hesitant to promote this
document without updating its contents, though.

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