Monard Vong <> wrote:
> If a client certificate is required to connect to svn, "git svn branch"
> always prompt the user for the certificate location and password,
> even though those parameters are stored in svn file "server"
> located in svn config dir (generally ~/.subversion).
> On the opposite, "git svn info/init/dcommit" read the config dir
> and do not prompt if the parameters are set.
> This commit initializes for "git svn branch", the SVN::Client with
> the 'config'
> option instead of 'auth'. As decribed in the SVN documentation,
> the SVN::Client will then read cached authentication options.
> Signed-off-by: Monard Vong <>

Thanks, I do not have a good way to test this, but the idea seems

Your patch is whitespace mangled, and the commit message and subject
needs to be improved (see Documentation/SubmittingPatches on how to
describe your changes and how to send them without whitespace mangling.)

Thanks again.
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