Thanks for your reply, I updated commit message and subject, hoping it would be clearer. However I messed up "message-id" so it appear as a new message and not in the current thread.
Sorry, still learning.

Le 24/07/2014 00:33, Eric Wong a écrit :
Monard Vong <> wrote:
If a client certificate is required to connect to svn, "git svn branch"
always prompt the user for the certificate location and password,
even though those parameters are stored in svn file "server"
located in svn config dir (generally ~/.subversion).
On the opposite, "git svn info/init/dcommit" read the config dir
and do not prompt if the parameters are set.

This commit initializes for "git svn branch", the SVN::Client with
the 'config'
option instead of 'auth'. As decribed in the SVN documentation,
the SVN::Client will then read cached authentication options.

Signed-off-by: Monard Vong <>
Thanks, I do not have a good way to test this, but the idea seems

Your patch is whitespace mangled, and the commit message and subject
needs to be improved (see Documentation/SubmittingPatches on how to
describe your changes and how to send them without whitespace mangling.)

Thanks again.

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