On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 11:12 PM, Ronnie Sahlberg <sahlb...@google.com> wrote:
>> diff --git a/refs.c b/refs.c
>> index bec2bb1..2769f20 100644
>> --- a/refs.c
>> +++ b/refs.c
>> @@ -1533,6 +1533,105 @@ static int handle_missing_loose_ref(const char 
>> *refname,
>>         }
>>  }
>> +int parse_ref(const char *path, struct strbuf *ref,
>> +             unsigned char *sha1, int *flag)
> Can you make this function static?
> It is not used by anything outside of this series and thus making it
> static avoids growing the public refs api.

It's to be used by builtin/checkout.c in nd/multiple-work-trees. I
could mark it static now and unmark it later, but I'd need to add the
static prototype back in refs.c because in the next patch
resolve_gitlink_ref() uses this function and resolve_gitlink_ref() is
before parse_ref().
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