Tanay Abhra <tanay...@gmail.com> writes:

> Yes you are right, there is a call to git_die_config() also in the series. I 
> will add
> the info in the next reroll.

If unsure, rebase your branch locally on the commit on which it is meant
to apply, and check that it works for you.

> Also, any thoughts on what to do with git_default_config()? We can,
> 1> make a new function git_load_default_config(), use it for the rewrites.

That seems the most sensible option. It could be called it git.c before
the command-dependant part, so that any call to git loads this.

I didn't check if it was correct (e.g. do some command rely on the fact
that the default config is not loaded?)

> 2> git_default_config() is rewritten to be loaded only once even if it is 
> called
> again and again during the process run, so that we use the same function in 
> callbacks
> and in the new API using rewrites.

Seems like a workaround, and to me the point of your GSoC is to make the
code cleaner, hence avoid workaraounds ...

Matthieu Moy
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