Matthieu Moy <> writes:

> Tanay Abhra <> writes:
>> On 7/30/2014 7:43 PM, Matthieu Moy wrote:
>>> * if (!values->items[i].string)
>>>           config_error_nonbool(
>>>   => This check could be done once and for all in a function, say
>>>   git_config_get_value_multi_nonbool, a trivial wrapper around
>>>   git_config_get_value_multi like
>>> const struct string_list *git_configset_get_value_multi_nonbool(struct 
>>> config_set *cs, const char *key)
>>> {
>>>     struct string_list l = git_configset_get_value_multi(cs, key);
>>>         // possibly if(l) depending on the point above.
>>>     for (i = 0; i < values->nr; i++) {
>>>             if (!values->items[i].string)
>>>                     git_config_die(key);
>>>     }
>>>     return l;
>>> }
>> Not worth it, most the multi value calls do not die on a nonbool.
> Can you cite some multi-value variables that can be nonbool? I can't
> find many multi-valued variables, and I can't find any which would allow
> bool and nonbool.

Thinking a bit more about it: we actually need more than your patch and
my code example above to give accurate error messages. Your code gives
no error message, and mine uses git_config_die(key); which gives the
line of the _last_ entry, but not necessarily the right line.

The right line number should be extracted from the info field of the
string_list. It's not completely trivial, hence I'd rather have a helper
doing it well in config.c than letting callers re-do the check and
possibly give wrong line in their error message as I did in my first

I think you can introduce a helper git_config_die_linenr(key, linenr)
that displays the right error message. Then git_config_die becomes a
wrapper around it that does the lookup to find linenr from the hash.

You already have a duplicate piece of code in your other series:

                        if (!kv_info->linenr)
                                die("unable to parse '%s' from command-line 
config", entry->key);
                                die("bad config variable '%s' at file line %d 
in %s",

That would be the content of git_config_die_linenr().

Matthieu Moy
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