On 8/5/2014 1:34 AM, Matthieu Moy wrote:
> Tanay Abhra <tanay...@gmail.com> writes:
>> I was aping the old git_config() system, it also does exactly what you 
>> described
>> above. for example, builtin/gc.c line 91,
>>              if (!strcmp(var, "gc.pruneexpire")) {
>>              if (value && strcmp(value, "now")) {
>>                      unsigned long now = approxidate("now");
>>                      if (approxidate(value) >= now)
>>                              return error(_("Invalid %s: '%s'"), var, value);
>>              }
>> would print,
>>      error: Invalid gc.pruneexpire: 'value'
>>      fatal: bad config variable 'gc.pruneexpire' at file line 15 in 
>> .git/config
> It's good to do at least as well as the old system, but I agree with
> Junio that it's suboptimal.
> Having a single API call to replace
>         error("'%s' must be between 1 and 3");
>         git_config_die(key);
> with stg like:
>         git_config_die(key, "'%s' must be between 1 and 3");

Matthieu, I have finished the new version, but instead of flooding the mailing 
list with
a series again, I wanted to confirm if the new git_config_die() is alright.

        NORETURN __attribute__((format(printf, 2, 3)))
        void git_die_config(const char *key, const char *err, ...)
                const struct string_list *values;
                struct key_value_info *kv_info;

                if (err) {
                        va_list params;
                        va_start(params, err);
                        vreportf("error: ", err, params);
                values = git_config_get_value_multi(key);
                kv_info = values->items[values->nr - 1].util;
                git_die_config_linenr(key, kv_info->filename, kv_info->linenr);

Currently works like the old git_config() error reporting path. If err is set 
to "NULL",
it would print no error message and just the die message. If given something 

         git_config_die(key, "value '%s' is not allowed", value);

it would print,

        error: value '3' is not allowed
        fatal: bad config variable 'core.frotz' at file line 15 in .git/config

Tanay Abhra.

> in Junio's example would allow git_config_die to format the error
> message the way it likes (i.e. it can be the same as before when you
> introduce it, and improve afterwards).
> I've never been disturbed by the quality of Git's error messages wrt
> config files (it's not a compiler!), so having good quality messages is
> not a high priority IMHO, but having a good API that as a side effect
> can produce good error messages is important. If changing the error
> messages requires rewritting all callers later, then we've missed the
> point doing the refactoring now.
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