Matthieu Moy <> writes:

> Tanay Abhra <> writes:
>> Currently works like the old git_config() error reporting path. If err is 
>> set to "NULL",
>> it would print no error message and just the die message. If given something 
>> like,
>>       git_config_die(key, "value '%s' is not allowed", value);
>> it would print,
>>      error: value '3' is not allowed
>>      fatal: bad config variable 'core.frotz' at file line 15 in .git/config
> That seems to be a good step forward.
> I think we would also want to improve the error message, but that
> shouldn't block your series from inclusion: we can do that later without
> API change.

Yup, I agree with your assessment.

Thank you, both, for good polishing.
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