Linus Arver <> writes:

> No, the unindenting/removal of blank lines is a non-grammar change and
> is not necessary, as it doesn't have any effect on the actual output
> (html/txt/manpage).
> I can either keep the same coding style with the rewording, or chop this
> into two commits, one for the rewording and another for reformatting.
> Which one do you suggest?

If I were doing this change, I wouldn't touch the formatting,
because I did not find that the reformatted version would be any
easier to read or maintain compared to the original.

But I suspect that you must have thought the reformatting was a good
thing to do for a reason, and I suspected I might have been missing
something obvious to you, and that was why I asked.  If there is a
good reason to reformat, then lets hear it in the commit log message
of one of the two patches.  Otherwise we can drop the reformatting

So my suggestion would be a patch #1 to reword, and optionally
another patch #2 to reformat on top, if (and only if) there is a
good reason to reformat.
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