On Fri, Aug 08, 2014 at 02:58:26PM -0700, Jonathan Nieder wrote:

> Maybe it's worth switching to plain
>       LIB_H += $(wildcard *.h)
> ?  People using ancient compilers that never change headers wouldn't
> be hurt, people using modern compilers that do change headers also
> wouldn't be hurt, and we could stop pretending to maintain an
> up-to-date list.

Yeah, I think that makes sense. I'd imagine most of the developers are
on a modern platform and don't use the static list at all, so we don't
notice when it breaks (and even when you do use it, it's quite hard to
notice anyway).

We'd have to do a multi-directory wildcard, though, to catch the header
files stuck in compat/* and elsewhere. We could list the containing
directories manually, but that's yet another thing to go wrong. For
people using the git repo, it would probably be fine to do:

  LIB_H += $(shell git ls-files -- '*.h')

That wouldn't count new files a developer adds until they "git add" some
version of the file, but that is not so bad (right now they have to add
it to the Makefile, and anyway, I think most devs are using the computed

But that doesn't work for distributed tarballs, which would have to
convert that to a static list somehow. Maybe

  LIB_H += $(shell find . -name '*.h' -print)

would work?

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