On Fri, Aug 22, 2014 at 12:12:36AM -0400, Jeff King wrote:

> > po/git.pot is normally used as-is and not regenerated by people
> > building git, so it is okay if an explicit "make po/git.pot" always
> > automatically regenerates it.  Depend on the magic FORCE target
> > instead of explicitly keeping track of dependencies.
> Yeah, this is way less gross than what I proposed, and I do not think it
> hurts anything. We do still need to drop the use of ":=" in assigning
> LOCALIZED_C, but I do not think there is any need for it in the first
> place.

Here's a re-roll of my series on top of your patch. In addition to
rebasing, I also switched it to use $(FIND) in the shell snippet rather
than a bare "find".

I notice that for the ctags generation we actually try "git ls-tree"
first and then fall back to "find". I guess we could do that here, but I
do not think the speed improvement matters much. And I think the "find"
output is a little more conservative. If you are adding a new header
file but have not mentioned it to git yet, I think we would prefer to
err on the side of including it as a potential dependency.

  [1/3]: i18n: treat "make pot" as an explicitly-invoked target
  [2/3]: Makefile: use `find` to determine static header dependencies
  [3/3]: Makefile: drop CHECK_HEADER_DEPENDENCIES code

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