Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> Michael Haggerty wrote[1]:
>>> Jonathan Nieder wrote:

>>>> The check-ref-format documentation is pretty unclear, but the
>>>> intent is that it would be used like
>>>>    git check-ref-format heads/master
>>>> (see the surviving examples in contrib/examples/). That way, it can
>>>> enforce the rule (from git-check-ref-format(1))
>>> Thanks for the explanation and the pointer.
> I wanted to follow this discussion, especially the ellided [...]
> "pointer", but had a hart time finding what "pointer" was.

I missed this question before.

The discussion happened at https://code-review.googlesource.com/1017.
It's easier to see after clicking the 'Expand All' button, but even
then it's hard to see the signal in the 'Patch Set <n> was rebased'

The pointer Michael mentioned was to the git-check-ref-format(1)
manpage and old 'check-ref-format' callers that can be found in
contrib/examples/.  Sorry for the lack of context.

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